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The nine most common myths about sex that you should stop believing

Do you also think that spontaneity is the most important thing when making love, size matters and after the age of 50, sex is over? Shine with us on the most common myths that are still being translated, and don’t let them deprive you of nice partner moments.

The question of the direct relationship between penis size and a woman’s satisfaction during sexual intercourse has been discussed across generations and, according to sexologists, is perhaps the biggest myth in this area. So let’s say for the last time that its size, with real exceptions, doesn’t really matter.

What is the average penis length of a man in our Central European population? We took the help of the publication Sexual Myths and Superstitions by Radim Uzl, in which you can read that at rest it is 7.5 to 8.6 cm, while a length of 6 cm is considered normal. When the limb is erect, the differences are usually evened out, the male pride grows for a short time to a length of about 14 to 16 cm.

“However, the positive effect of penis size on the quality of sexual experience is just a myth, and the opposite is often true. The female vagina never reaches a length of more than 12 cm, usually measuring only 8 to 10 cm. It is flexible and can be elastically extended, but it damages everything a lot, “says Radim Uzel in the book.

The pill will solve the reluctance to sex

Erika from Prague admits that she doesn’t enjoy sex very much and usually forces herself to do it because of her partner. So he asks if there are over-the-counter drugs to support a woman’s sexual appetite.

Ten steps to help you improve your sex life This would be a quick fix, but there are no tablets that primarily address frigidity, although some preparations may be prescribed in addition to treat this delicate problem.

The most important thing is to find out what is the cause of reluctance to sex, whether the problem lies in the head (for example, partner discord in other areas of life) or in the body (frigidity may be accompanied by depression, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes and the like). Psychotherapy is important in treatment.

When I don’t reach orgasm, I’m weird

We probably won’t find out who forced women to believe that they just have to have an orgasm, and if they don’t, they’re weird. According to Madrid escort, about a third of women experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, another third also achieve it, but thanks to stimulation other than the penis, and the last one does not experience it during sex, but yes during masturbation.

Women lose their desire for sex in long-term relationships, a study found The truth is that the tenderer half of humanity will appreciate the stimulation of the clitoris more than the pursuit of climax.

There is another myth associated with orgasm. Previously, there were three orgasms - clitoral, vaginal and mixed. However, a woman can culminate in other ways, intercourse is not the only way. This is the case, for example, during plowing or anal sex, when stimulating the nipples, even during exercise or in sleep.

In the third, let us recall another “wisdom” - the pursuit of a common orgasm. It is usually in vain, because each of the partners needs something a little different to culminate, whether we are talking about position, technique, speed. Isn’t it better if one enjoys it first and then the other?

The more developed the muscles, the better the sex

This delusion was probably caused by the fact that strengthening increases the volume of muscle mass, so it can be assumed that a “muscular” individual will be better able to cope with more strenuous prostitution during intimate play.

When a man runs to porn, the relationship doesn’t work. In women, on the contrary, says the sex girl This is not quite true, but any regular physical activity increases physical condition. Which is nice because you’ll be more flexible, more persistent, and won’t have cramps in your calves when it’s not appropriate.

Among the many activities, yoga can be recommended, during which you can, among other things, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The good condition of these muscles has a positive effect on the experience of sex and on the ability to reach orgasm.

People in their fifties are no longer interested in sex

A happy sex life after the transition is not science fiction, on the contrary. Maybe because you’re big girls. You have your experience and insight, you are no longer dealing with trifles.

You have solved housing and work, the children have grown up and often they are already out of the house, so there is more time and space to realize your own pleasure. There is certainly no denying the hormonal imbalance that accompanies menopause, but this can be addressed with medications or phytopharmaceuticals and other procedures. In addition, according to experts, older women are more open to experimenting in the field of sexual experiences.

Sex missions for the 21st century. The number of contacts and partners is declining, says sexologist Weiss You should not avoid sex, because regular contact and blood flow to the vagina improves its experience. The vagina loses its natural elasticity with increasing age and as a result of childbirth, and sex helps to slow down this process.

Today, this part, together with the labia, can even be “rejuvenated”, we are talking about a non-surgical solution using a device that supports the formation of collagen fibers. And lubricating gels solve the dryness of the vagina. At this age, it also pays to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, not only because of intimacy.

Sex equals sex

Another traditional superstition is the assumption that sex means only intercourse, ie a penis in the vagina. You may have read it somewhere, or a more experienced friend told you years ago. This idea is as deeply rooted in humans as our first myth.

In essence, however, it is harmful because we cling only to the act itself, and if it does not go according to our ideas, sexual dysfunctions in the future cannot be ruled out (for example, decreased libido in women). As if there was no oral, anal or even virtual sex.

It would also be a shame to set the boundaries of sex so strictly that only love itself could fit into them. Extend it with passionate kisses, sensual touches and massages, or don’t be ashamed to take a sex toy to help.

Sex is only for pleasure and joy

Making love is supposed to bring nice feelings, but usually it also adds something extra, it benefits our mental and physical health. A satisfying and regular sex life helps to lower blood pressure, relieves stress, improves sleep, relieves pain and contributes to nicer body curves.

Lost passion is triggered by infidelity, poses a threat, says sexologist One of the myths is also the fear that while loving the other, he may “knock pepka”. The opposite is true. British researchers have published the results of a 20-year study examining the health of thousands of men according to their sexual activity.

The vast majority of them were never affected by a stroke, and their risk of cardiovascular disease was significantly reduced. However, it needs regularity, ie enjoying delicious moments, ideally twice a week.

Sex must be spontaneous

Experts on planning versus spontaneity in sex really differ a lot. According to some planning, “every Wednesday when we put the kids to sleep” or “every Saturday before they wake up” or any other programming destroys the passion. Because it evokes an obligation, the need to complete a task no matter how you feel, which few people like.

Sex is readily available, but infidelity is not yet a reason to part But proponents of completely different views argue that spontaneous sex is not enough from the point of view of a long-term partnership. As routine duties increase and more and more tasks accumulate, busy people push partner games to the sidelines, and it is from this that the planning diary can return them to the “center of events.”

Regularity doesn’t give much room for imagination, on the other hand - if you choose one day, you will have something to look forward to. The important thing is that thanks to planning, you really make time for yourself, even if you just cuddle together. And what comes next, do not solve in advance.

In short, to have really good sex even after years of cohabitation, you have to try a little harder.

Men still want “it”

According to studies, men actually think about sex much more often than women, but they also think about other things more often. Maybe for food. From here, it is just a step towards the assumption that men want sex all the time, regardless of the time, time of day, time of year. In short, they are well-lubricated sex machines.

This myth is supported by adult films, where he repeatedly and without a break makes one or more partners happy. But normal men don’t work like this (although of course there are exceptions).

The average man needs about an hour after the event to regain his strength and will most likely fall asleep before you dare to suggest that you have a repeat.