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The most common trampling, because of which he will not want to see you a second time

“Why didn’t he call?” runs your head after the first date. Either it’s not the right time yet, he’s letting you so-called suck, or he just doesn’t want to. It is quite probable that you made one of the big and frequent mistakes with Escort Colombo that women make at the first meeting.


Women are usually more open and talkative than men. At first, however, you should slow down a bit and be very careful about what you put out of your mouth. It hurts a lot.

Especially when there is a master of a more shy nature sitting in front of you, or an alpha male. You can easily scare the first one, the second one probably likes it when he has the main word.


Although the handsome man sitting opposite you is most attracted to him, by no means be a first-time coquette. Show him sympathy, but everything in moderation. Forget about erotic allusions, telling love stories in which you indicate what goddess you are in the bedroom, or mentioning expartners.

Such behavior is excusable in puberty, not in adulthood. If you want him to speak again, keep the social decor.

Me, just me

Self-centeredness is often attributed mainly to men, but some members of the fairer sex also have this problem.

Try listening for a while. If you’ve only been talking about yourself or your family for ten minutes, go back. Egocentric tendencies are guaranteed to discourage you from the next meeting.


It doesn’t hurt to be aware of your own work successes, but don’t brag too much with them. The masters of creation do not need and, above all, do not want a careerist by their side, for whom work is the alpha and omega of life.

Rather, he will appreciate a modest partner who is “healthy” capable. Men long to be cared for and admired. If they feel that in your case they would be on the other track, they would rather back away in a hurry.


Exaggerated ideals of freedom, peace and happiness can entertain but also frighten masters. If you are a supporter of organic food, a vegan or an environmental activist, your thing, but look for yourself.

Definitely don’t date those who prefer driving in classic cars, eat meat, don’t buy sustainable fashion, in short, they live a consumerist lifestyle. You will definitely not succeed with them. Especially when you start an hour-long monologue about recycling straws at the first meeting.


Do you hear the biological clock ticking? Do you dream of marriage, a family house in the village with a white couch and a huge kitchen, a cat and two dogs? Beautiful ideas, but they are the ones that scare many guys to death.

If you start planning your and his future together and the number of children after half an hour together, don’t cry if he doesn’t answer. You are to blame.